In requesting hosting services from East of Paradise, you are agreeing to the following conditions set below. Should any of the terms be disregarded or broken, you risk the suspension or deletion of your site.

Terms of Service
  • The domain owners will have an account on each hosted subdomain with administration powers. The powers and usergroup on this account shall not be altered by the hostee for any reason.

  • The hostee has a timespan of four months to finish building their site from the date of creation. The domain owners will send regular reminders about how much time the hostee has left to complete their site. Sites that are incomplete after this timespan will be removed from East of Paradise.

  • Each hostee is permitted to one subdomain for the purpose of supporting a roleplay forum.
  • Hostees may request a backup of their site at any time from the domain owners.
  • Content on hostee sites will not be moderated with the exception of stolen content. Stolen content will be reviewed by the domain owners; hostees are to report cases of stealing to the domain owner. In the event that stolen content is found being used by the administration of the hostees site, the case will be reviewed by the domain owners and dealt with accordingly.
  • The domain owners will check in with all hostees once per month to determine site activity and the hostees general opinion about their experience on East of Paradise. Inactive hostees will have their subdomain deleted if (a) they request removal of their forum, or (b) there have been no new posts on the site for one month’s time. Hostees will be notified via email if their subdomain is flagged for deletion.
  • The domain owners will assist with technical difficulties and glitches, but otherwise the hostee is expected to find (or have) the means to create, modify, and run their own subdomain. As such, it is not the job, duty, or obligation of the domain owner to fix said difficulties and/or glitches unless they are directly linked to East of Paradise.
  • Hostees are required to display a button linking to East of Paradise on the homepage of their subdomain.
  • Backups will be automatically sent to the hostee’s provided email address if their site has been removed from the East of Paradise server. After that initial backup copy is sent, East of Paradise holds no responsibility for keeping copies of any deleted sites’ databases.
  • Terms of Service are subject to change; anything that the domain owners deem inappropriate, a threat to security, or abuse of the privileges given will be subject to review.

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