Hosting with East of Paradise is quite simple. We try to make it all as painless as possible, though of course, there is some work required by all parties involved. Before you consider hosting with us, make sure you have read our terms of Service; by sending us a hosting request, you are agreeing to these terms and will be held responsible if any of the outlined terms are ignored, broken, or disrespected. To save server space, we ask that hostees upload any personal images to their own personal imaging sites; banners and icons for your East of Paradise site are fine. Please, don't ask for hosting if you do not intend to be an active administrator!

Hosting requests are reviewed on the 15th and 30th of each month; if you have sent in an application, you will hear back from us no later than 48 hours after these dates, depending on the date that your request was sent in (i.e. if you sent us a request on the 4th, you will hear back within two days of the 15th; if you send us a request on the 19th, you will hear back within two days of the 30th).

Included in a Hosting Package
  • Installation of IPB 1.3, myBB, phpBB, or punBB (other softwares possible upon request).
  • One subdomain (yourdomain.east-of-paradise.com).
  • One email account (yourdomain@east-of-paradise.com).
  • One mySQL database (accessable by EoP staff only).
  • One FTP account (accessable through Filezilla Client or net2ftp.com).
  • Any necessary technical support from the East of Paradise team.

justlivvyx3 (AIM, Skype)

LadySolvo (AIM, Skype)